Air New Air NZ Hanger 2

A challenging project at the Air New Zealand Auckland Maintenance base.  A multi-aircraft docking system was proposed for the existing Hangar facility.  This included tail docking, wing docking, fuselage docking and horizontal stabiliser access platform.  Our involvement commenced part way into the project at which point the design, and some initial construction had commenced by an Australian company before it went into liquidation.

Blueprint were directly engaged by Air New Zealand to assist in contract and project management.  With the demise of the Contractor (liquidation), our role expanded dramatically.  We were fundamental to the re-negotiation of supplier contracts and provided design review of parts of the existing design, and also undertook re-design of parts of the docking structures as design flaws and issues were identified. 

We also provided daily engineering support during construction, and performed the function as Engineer to the various Contracts on site.

With intimate involvement in the design, construction, trial-fit and contract management of this project Blueprint developed an excellent understanding of docking design and functionality, construction and commissioning of such structures.  Blueprint continue to provide on-going design, maintenance and modification design services to Air New Zealand following the complete of this project in 2004.

Our Services

Contract Management
Project Management
Design Review
Engineering Support
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