350 Colombo

This 3 level building in the heart of Christchurch has a 4.5m high commercial zone at ground floor with two levels of residential apartments over.  

As for many sites in Christchurch the ground conditions are complex and a lot of money can be spent in the foundations before getting above ground level.  Many options were explored for the client including review steel screw piles, driven timber piles with and without ground improvement.  Part of the background to achieving economic design includes keeping seismic loading as low as possible.  We achieved this with the use of EBF steel frames in both directions with light composite suspended concrete floors.

This project is in construction.

Our services;

Investigate multiple lateral Systems
Investigate multiple foundation options
Complete Structural Design for consent
350 Colombo photo 1
350 Colombo photo 2
350 Colombo photo 3