Blueprint is a professional engineering design consultancy with a people-oriented approach that enables us to deliver effective, extraordinary projects.

We have a passion for all things structural and continuously assess and incorporate local and international advancements in materials, design and analysis. We blend this knowledge with extensive experience to ensure our designs are efficient, reliable, build-able and cost-effective – a balance that few can achieve.

With a diverse project portfolio that covers all facets of structural design, we can create innovative and imaginative design solutions for even the most ordinary of projects.

We believe that it is vital to establish the right concept for each project from the very beginning by bringing our senior specialists together to strategise and brainstorm the conceptual design solutions. We apply the same rigorous process to every project: listen carefully, ask the right questions, thoroughly investigate every option and then put forward the best solutions. We stake our reputation on the outcomes we deliver.

People-driven innovation means that we focus on understanding you, your stakeholders, and how we can deliver your project so it will make a real difference. We regularly challenge set ideas and explore alternative options. It is this approach that can reveal the best solutions, fostering innovation and leading to better outcomes, increased functionality and ultimately project success.