Meet Rohan, Founding Director of Blueprint Consulting Engineers

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Meet Rohan, Founding Director of Blueprint Consulting Engineers


Blueprint wouldn’t be the business it is today without Rohan’s early vision to create a firm that always puts culture first.


As the founding director, he is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the firm, while still playing an active role in the management of major projects. Through his leadership, he set the foundation for a business that values people-driven innovation.


When Rohan was in high school, all he ever wanted to be was a builder. However it wasn’t a future that his parents imagined for him, and they insisted he continue with his studies. He applied for a job as a structural draughtsman, and once school was completed, he worked in this role for a year until he started his engineering degree in Melbourne. Rohan went on to complete that degree in three years, instead of the intended four, while continuing to work in the industry.

Rohan onsite with Ed Stubenitsky from Fletcher Living. Stonefields residential project.

This achievement is reflective of Rohan’s ambitious nature. After moving to New Zealand, Rohan spent a number of years working for Beca in the commercial structures group, but Rohan had his sights set on something else for his career.


“I had always wanted to run and operate my own business. I’d become frustrated with the bureaucracy of working in a large business, and I wasn’t prepared to hang around and wait years to get to where I wanted. So, I decided it was time to take a risk and start my own business. That’s when Blueprint was formed in 2003.”


Rohan spent the next few years working as a sole practitioner. This structure allowed him to enjoy time and flexibility with his young family. But before long, that ambition for something bigger kicked in again, and his vision moved to building a team that would have an industry reputation for excellence and innovation.


“I had enjoyed my time at Beca, but I also learnt a lot about how I wouldn’t run a business. I wanted to build a team who were really passionate, while maintaining a focus on the culture of the business. I wanted it to be a fun place to work, where quality and innovation were always held in high regard. Those would be the fundamentals that we wanted to deliver on, and therefore were what we have always recruited on”, Rohan explains.


With a driving ethos of ‘people-driven innovation’, Rohan’s business grew.


“We’ve managed to bring on board really passionate, driven people, who are focused on results. This has enabled us to maintain that culture we had hoped for. We’re very aware of keeping this as we grow, as it defines who we are and what makes us different in the industry. We are mindful that we don’t want to grow at the expense of the culture that underpins our original vision.”


With a highly engaged workforce, Rohan says the team are all hyper focused on delivering the best solutions, working collaboratively and challenging each other.


“We’re always thinking of the wider impacts. We don’t just limit our input to what we do; if we see things that we think should be challenged, we speak up and communicate ideas.”


Rohan’s approach is to ensure that his team have an environment where they have both the support, and the freedom, to learn. He’s implemented a reasonably flat business structure, where everyone has similar opportunities, that are just reflected differently in the roles of a project and their level of experience.


“That means it’s an environment that people like to work in. It’s probably what makes me most proud, seeing people not just contribute to the success of our projects, but developing their own careers too, and knowing that they haven’t worked in an environment that’s anything like this before.”


While Rohan is aiming to grow the team to around 30 staff in the near future, his focus is firmly on ensuring this culture remains.


“At that size, we can consult with the capacity of a large firm, but it means we’re small enough to keep all the things that are great about Blueprint the same.”


Rohan also says that remaining a small team ensures they stay agile in their thinking, and in their operations. “If there’s a decision to be made, we just do it”


This is particularly true when it comes to technology. Blueprint consider themselves early adopters of technology and have invested heavily in software in terms of both design systems and documentation.


It’s just another way that Rohan is committed to ensuring that Blueprint not only delivers cost-effective, high quality builds for clients, but also attracts the best people to bring those visions to life.


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All Timber Case Study

Monday, May 27, 2019

All Timber Case Study

Download our in-depth case study of our all timber construction at Stonefields in Auckland.

Find out how Blueprint & Fletcher Living developed an innovative solution that changes housing affordability, urban density and how we use our labour force. Free Download.


Download our case study here:

Meet Julija, Blueprint Senior Structural Engineer

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Meet Julija, Blueprint Senior Structural Engineer


The more complex the project, the better, if you ask Julija, a Senior Structural Engineer here at Blueprint. Originally from Belarus, Julija has moved her way around the globe, from Poland (where she gained her Master's degree) to England, then on to Ireland where she became a Chartered Engineer (and picked up an intriguing hybrid accent!).


Seven years ago, she made the move to New Zealand and has been a part of the Blueprint team for around four and a half years. However, it was while she was working in Ireland that she first learnt about Blueprint – noticing our strong reputation in the industry supported with outstanding engineering talent and projects that showcased our innovation.


Of course, Julija caught our attention too, as someone who had some interesting skills already under her belt. Working in small companies but on significant and challenging projects where she was responsible for both design and documentation as well as construction review, we knew that Julija’s strong attention to detail, her understanding of how structures are built, and dedicated approach to innovative and creative problem solving would fit perfectly with our team.

Digging into details

Whether she’s working on a residential building or large commercial projects, she says it’s the challenges that arise and give the opportunity to really dig into the details that she enjoys. “I like putting all the pieces together in my mind to come up with creative ideas and innovative solution for the client – solutions that add real value. I really pride myself on the quality of my design and documentation. When I see it all come together in the final result - that’s what I love”, Julija says.


“In New Zealand, seismic design is a key design consideration, and we make sure our designs comply with the building code. Developing a bracing solution that accommodates that functional requirements of the buildings can be a challenge, but that makes my work so interesting.”


There’s nothing repetitive about the work that we do here at Blueprint, and Julija says that the ever-changing challenges that come up when working in construction keep things exciting.


“In construction, things don’t always go to plan. Something unexpected will happen, and decisions have to be made quickly or you have to make a call at the right moment in order to solve a problem. I am able to make the right call”


A collaborative approach to problem-solving

Julija thinks it’s Blueprint’s unique team culture and collaborative approach that makes it easy for us to respond so well to these unexpected challenges that arise. She says that it’s all about trust, communication and collaboration.


“From my experience, Blueprint is unique as an engineering company because we truly do work as a team - it’s easy to say you’re a team, but hard to actually demonstrate this. Here, we really do work together, we support each other, and you’ll never feel like you have to tackle something on your own. If someone needs your help or wants a second opinion, we’ll work together and figure out the best solution. When you work in an environment like this, you feel valued, that your voice is heard and respected - and it means that we all genuinely care about others and the outcome of all projects.”


“In saying that, we also really trust each other, which means we also have the freedom to take an independent approach. This allows us to be really agile and flexible. So when those challenges do come up, the client knows they can call us and we can react straight away. This confidence that management has in us encourages us to really take ownership of projects.”


Innovation in engineering

Julija loves the varied projects that come through Blueprint’s door, and the opportunities they bring to think differently. “As engineers, we are innovative by nature. But this isn’t just about using new products or technology, it’s about finding solutions to complex problems by being creative. It’s about listening to the needs of the market and being open to different solutions in order to make designs feasible - without over-complicating things. We can design anything, but our challenge is to make it realistic and cost-effective for the client.”

It’s not easy to get this balance right in any fast-paced professional environment, but Julija says that at Blueprint you feel motivated to give projects your best, without feeling pressure. “The company leaders have an approach that really makes you feel a valued part of the team. Because of this, you really want to work to the best of your ability, support your team and do the best for our clients. It motivates everyone. It’s a team I’m really proud to be a part of.”


Meet more of our talented team! Farzam, our BIM Specialist.


We're always looking for new opportunities. If you think we can help with a project- please get in touch with us.




Meet Farzam, Blueprint BIM Specialist

Monday, April 08, 2019

Meet Farzam, Blueprint BIM Specialist

Farzam Farzadi is a man up for a challenge. Which is just as well, because as a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Specialist here at Blueprint, Farzam’s job requires creative thinking and ingenious problem solving to ensure that our clients can build projects faster, more economically and with less environmental impact.

To get good at this stuff, Farzam studied Construction Management in Iran, where he’s originally from. He later completed a Masters degree from Auckland University of Technology in Construction Management. Farzam has worked around the world - the Middle East, South Asia, and New Zealand - and has been a part of the Blueprint team for around a year.

“My passion is for information management”, says Farzam. “When you look at construction compared to other industries, like say manufacturing, the level of productivity is lower. That’s because if you take, for example, a car manufacturer, they design one specific item and then build thousands of those parts. Construction is different, because each build is completely different. They each have a completely unique set of requirements. It means that there is a high level of complexity when it comes to maximising efficiency, reducing waste and ensuring accuracy in construction.”

Game changing technology

As a BIM Specialist, Farzam is responsible for developing models in coordination with architects and other construction disciplines to ensure that challenges during construction phase and unforeseen errors - and therefore time, cost and waste - are kept to a minimum.

“If you take a building, about 90% of its cost is during its operation, 9% is during construction, and just 1% is design. As a BIM specialist, this is my responsibility to study all structural challenges during design stage to be able to minimise time and cost of construction and operation phases. My job is to be sure we covered and visually communicated all the areas we need to while delivering a complex project, without leaving any detail uncoordinated,” says Farzam.

“What I became most fascinated about was the impact that technology and programming was having on this aspect of design management”, he explains.

Farzam works across residential, industrial and commercial structures, but says commercial is his preferred because of its complexity - and the challenge that comes with it. He recalls one of his favorite projects was the opportunity to work on the construction of a complex hotel building in Auckland. Farzam and the team were able to fully integrate geometrical and analytical models and then share the result as 3D data to the client via a QR code. The client could then experience the 3D model for themselves, and truly understand what could be achieved.

Opportunities to take action

While technology has proved to be a game-changing tool for the construction industry, and Farzam’s role in particular, he says that at the heart of a successful organisation it’s still all about people. In fact, it’s the opportunity to collaborate, discuss ideas and share perspectives that is what Farzam loves about working at Blueprint.

“One of the biggest reasons I wanted a role at Blueprint was because of the flat structure we have here. I’ve worked at big organisations where the hierarchy and pyramid structure of the organisation means it’s hard to get ideas out and take action. Instead, at Blueprint, I can work very closely with the people who make decisions. If I have an idea, I can discuss it with someone within a matter of minutes, and then quickly put it into practice”, Farzam explains. “I love what I do, and I don’t want to be held back by hierarchy or a lack of agility in a business.”

Creativity through collaboration

The efficiency of this way of working makes a difference to Farzam’s ability to innovate in his own role, but he says that problem solving also comes down to collaboration across the business.

“At Blueprint, we can all contribute to ideas. We have a team that is so diverse - we’re from different countries, backgrounds and experience. If you have a problem to solve, you can tap into these different ideas, perspectives and opinions. As we discuss these challenges, we are constantly learning off each other”, Farzam says.

For Farzam, Blueprint’s commitment to facilitating a collaborative environment is just one of the ways that the company encourages its people to think differently. It means they can not only deliver great outcomes for clients, but also play a part in the growth and development of an innovative construction industry in New Zealand.

A first in New Zealand for all timber construction

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

A first in New Zealand for all timber construction


The Blueprint Team did an incredible job in developing an innovative lightweight timber building solution that allows Fletcher Living to tackle the lack of affordable higher density housing in New Zealand. We believe this system to be a first in NZ.

Watch the video below: 



Download our free case study to learn more about this project

New Look

Friday, March 29, 2019

New Look




It’s been an exciting start to the year and we wanted to quickly update you on what’s been happening at BCE.

We’ve refreshed our brand and logo to bring it in line with what we do and who we are.


This can be summed up as People Driven Innovation.


People are at the centre of everything we do. We’re able to deliver exceptional results because of the talent in our team and strength of the relationships we forge.

Driven to produce the best quality, experience and results for our clients. Every time.

Innovation that comes from practical, creative thinking, fresh ideas, and always looking for opportunities to add value to every project.

You'll start to notice our new branding and logo change in the coming weeks.

With lots planned this year, we'll continue to keep you informed with content and updates we think will be relevant and interesting.